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Game description:

What is Club Penguin ?

Club Penguion is one of the famous online games made by New Horizon Interactive which was later became the property of Walt Disney Company.The game was first in Beta version and then appeared to publicity 24. October 2005.Early 2008 Club Penguin reached its glory and according to some information it had about 12 million user accounts.

The game is primarily aimed at young population aged 6-14 years through a free membership and paid membership.With paid membership you can use the advanced features of the game such as the purchase of clothing, furniture, owning all 10 Clupenguin pets, enjoy in the new parts of the game and many other features.The game is also free for all, but does not provide all of the possibilities with paid membership.With a free membership you can not change the color of penguin, travel to all the places in the world of Club Penguin, clothes, wigs and many other things.Because of that we have created a new generator where you can generate unlimited Club Penguin Membership paid codes.

How to get Club Penguin free Membership ?

As we have already mentioned above the game is available in free version and paid membership.One month of Club Penguin membership cost €4.95 ($7.95) but also you can buy 6 months €24.95 ( $39.95) and 12 months €39.95 ($59.95).As you can see it it isn’t really cheap but don’t worry with Club Penguin Membership Code Generator you will have your own Free Club Penguin Membership.

club penguin free membership

One of the main advantages Club Penguin is protection from online violence where you can’t swear, also moderation who oversee the game and report any unwanted conduct.That’s why Club Penguin is one of the most popular online games today.If you ever asked how Club Penguin membership code generator work, the answer is really simple.Before you run this generator please make sure that you have latest Net Framework which you can download here.This generator is coded so that the search for free membership codes that never been used before, so if you click generate button it will start searching for Clube Penguin Free Membership codes.You can choose between 1 Month, 6 Months and 12 Months Club Penguin Membership.

club penguin membership codes

Somethimes people will ask you to give them your Club Penguin account details in order to give you Club Penguin Membership code, but DON’T LISTEN them.If you do this they will steal your account, so watch what you are doing!The Club Penguin generator is totally free and work in every country, no matter where are you come from.That’s is cool feature because so many people can’t afford this membership codes.

Watch Video Tutorial – Please use Full Screen


1. Run Generator (If you are using Win7 or newer run as admin)

2. Select 1 Month, 6 Months or 12 Months Club Penguin Membership

3. Click Generate

4. Wait couple minutes untill procces finish with generating code

5. Click View Code

6.Enjoy and support the companies, which software you actually enjoy!