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Microsoft Points Card Generator – Free Microsoft Points Codes

Today we present you something unique from our coding team for all fans of Xbox cosnole.Even if we already made something similar in the past, as you know it some of them have problems with using it.It was our first generator that we made and realeased to public but so many people were complaing how to use it.Yes it was Xbox live code generator where you could generate Xbox live gold membership codes and Microsoft points codes also.Because of that we made something easier to use – the new Microsoft Points Generator.

Some people have asked us where we were last month and whether the new generators will come out ? To be honest, we took a little break but don’t worry we are preparing some new projects and coll stuff for all fans.The Microsoft points card generator is our latest project and it was really hard to code it.Like every time we encountered certain problems during the coding that give us a headache.But this time our friend Joe find something that made our life easier and finally completed our new Free Microsoft Points Generator.

microsoft points generator

If you are not familiar with genearators and other hacks this is pretty easy and everyone can use it.With Microsoft Points Codes generator you will finally have your own Microsoft points code in no time no matter where are you come from.As you can see at the picture above it looks much easier to use.All you have to do is select your country and select which Microsoft Points Card you need.You can choose by: 800 1600 and 4000 Microsoft points which is more than last generator where you could generate only 1600 Ms points code.And really important thing is that there is no limit how much codes you can generate daily, per ip or country.Yes, that is amazing feature that will satisfy all gamers and fans of Xbox live console.We think that we will in next couple days or weeks code new Xbox live code generator because so much people are requesting it and ask us to do it.Till then you can download and enjoy in free microsoft points codes.

microsoft points card generator

Remember all our generators all free for all members, fans and visitors and we will never ask you to pay for this.Somethimes it could happen that generators are asking you to complete quick offer and that’s all you need to do.To raise community we will be always free and don’t forget to share this website with your family and your friends by clicking on the share buttons on top and bottom of the site.Free Microsoft Points Generator you can download below!

Watch Video Tutorial – Please use Full Screen


1. Select country, select amount of Microsoft points

2. Click Start, then Generate

3. Wait until process finish

4. Click View Code

5. Enjoy and share generator with your family, friends…