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Get Free Xbox Live Gold Membership – Free Microsoft Points Codes | Reedem Codes Today


The last few days our team has worked really hard to improve the new generator.Some have stayed awake for 24 hours trying to make unique codes and stabilize software for keygen.At the end of the day our work has paid off because it was successfully created new Xbox Live generator.You will see how this generator is stable and most important secure to use without any risk that your xbox live account will be blocked or banned. It sounds good when you get free xbox live gold membersip but what if you can get Microsoft points too.Yes you read that right!

Our highly trained team added free microsoft points to generator, so you can generate what do you need.Also these codes are secure to use on any account, you don’t need to affraid that you will lose your account.You need to be only carefull how much codes you generate daily, because you can get unsual activity on your xbox live account.We recommend that you don’t generate more than 7-8 codes daily per account.We think that is enough to keep you account safe.Before we show you how this generator work you must have the last version of Net Framework.You can download latest version of Net Framework here.

Here how generator looks:

free xbox live gold

How this generator work | How to get Free Xbox Live Gold Codes ?

Don’t worry with this generator you can generate free xbox live gold or free microsoft points cards.This generator use huge algorithm-sys codes that sniff to javascript on Xbox live site.It automatically search in database exactly request that you made in generator and search for free codes that never been used before.So if you select 1 Month of xbox live gold it will search for 1 Month xbox live gold codes or if you select 800 Microsoft Points it will search for 800 Microsoft points codes.After program found the codes it will start decrypting because Xbox live have crpyted Xbox live points card codes in their database.After decrypting is finished it will automatically send generated code to Xbox Live Generator which you can simply copy-paste in your account, simply as that.Whole process will take 1-5 minutes depending on the congestion Xbox Live servers.So if you need free xbox live codes or xbox live microsoft points you can generate by this generator.Download link you can found below.

free xbox live gold membership

free microsoft points

free xbox live points


1. Select country, select amount of Xbox Live gold or Microsoft points

2. Click Start, then Generate

3. Wait until process finish

4. Click View Code

5. Enjoy and share generator with your family, friends…