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Nexon NX Cash Generator | Free Nexon Cash Codes

Nexon NX Cash Generator is new generator that we released today.If you ask yourself waht is NX Cash or NX points are basically virutal money with you can buy virtual goods to use in Nexon games.With NX Cash you can purchase uprgrades for characters, amazing items and also personalize your character.The price of Nexon cards aren’t cheap, so you can find alternative methods how to get it for free.

If you didn’t know there are some prepaid cards that can be used as Nx card.It’s Karma Kion prepaid card and it is new way to get your Nx cash.These prepaid cards you can find in store where they sell Nexon game cards, with prices from $10 to $50.From many requests from useres we decide to make your life easier and code new generator, Nexon NX Cash Card generator.

nexon cash generator

As you can see design is basically almost the same as previous generators that we made.This time we improved our coding and added couple tweaks that Mac users had.We hope this time you will not have any problems with generating free codes.We made simple interface where you can choose NX Prepaid Card (Karma Kion prepaid card) with values of $10 $20 and $50.After you choose your desired prepaid card, you need to press Generate button.And that’s all you need to do.After that generator will start with searching for non used codes online.

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Don’t worry where are you come from because this program that we made will detect your location automatically and search for free NX points in your area, then in your country.For those who can’t afford NX prepaid card or they facing some other problems, this generator is for you.All methods to obtain free Nx card codes that you find online are patched really quick, but this software will never face that.If you don’t belive you can download generator right now and try it for free.Download link you will find below.

Watch Video Tutorial – Please use Full Screen


1. Run generator (If you are using Win7 run as admin)

2. Select Nx prepaid card ( Karma Koin prepaid card)

3. Press Generate button

4. Wait couple minutes

5. Click View Code

6. Enjoy