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Free Wii Points Codes | Free Dsi Points

Today we present you another release for Nintendo fans, new Nintendo Points Card Generator.Basically Nintendo Points are virtualy money used in Wii or Nintendo DSi through Nintendo shop.You can buy it with credit card or simply purchase in nearest retail store in your area.First time when these points come out they were named Wii Points, but after they become famous they changed name to Nintendo Points Card which has own values.After you buy these points you must convert them in Wii points or DSi points and then you can use them only for one platform that you have.If you didn’t know there is some countries where you buy Wii points card and you can use it as Nintendo Points card, which is really cool.However Nintendo Wii points & DSi points are not really cheap and not everyone can afford it.That’s why we made something that will make your life easier.

With free Nintendo Points Card Generator you can generate 2000 Nintendo points code that can be used on Wii or DSi platform.Uusally 2000 points cost about $20 in USA, 25€ in Europe, £19 in UK and A$35 in Australia.So it isn’t cheap.
This generator use the same coding system as our previously generators with new desing.We have added couple tweaks which will be more stable and releable to all users.You will notice that new generators that we made take less memory and cpu from your computer.Also it use new protocol which will generate really fast any codes that you need.

nintendo points card

How to get Free Nintendo Points Card | How to get free Wii Points, Dsi points ?

There is couple methods where you can get free Nintendo points card but usually these methos are outdated and simply doesn’t work with new Nintendo updates.But with our generator you can easy generate non used Nintendo points codes that can be used as Wii or DSi points.Even you don’t know how to use this generator you will learn it.From the picture above you can see that you only need to select your Country and hit the Generate button.Yes, that is all.After you activate Generate button the generator will start searching for non used Nintendo points card code in Nintendo Shop.After he find he will start decrypting and start sending the code.In couple minutes you will have your own code prepared to be used on your favorite console Wii or DSi.That sounds good you must admit it.

There is only one restriction which is really important.You can’t generate more than one code daily, but we think that one code is really enoguh for everyone that use Nintendo platform.We have think to add 3DS Points to this generator but we have found a lot bugs when we use it together.From now it is better to use only Nintedno Points.Also if you need 3DS Codes you can find on our home page Nintedno 3DS points card generator.


1. Run Generator

2. Select your Country

3. Click Generate

4. Wait couple minutes

5. Click View Code

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7. Enjoy and Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy!