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Game description:

Have you ever wanted to play your favorite xbox games on the computer or just have not been able to afford the xbox console ? How many times have you wanted to but it just was not possible ? But do not worry there are people who care for you and give you something new to make your life easier.So from now you will be able to play almost all xbox games on your computer without any problems and difficulties.Yes it sound too good to be true but with Xbox Emulator it is possible.

As you know the Xbox console is made by Microsoft and it is possible to write emulator for Xbox console.Some people use tricks assuring you they have emulator for xbox that work and then they give you virus.Be careful when you encounter something like that!

The project is still in beta and sure that you will come across the bugs and errors during gameplay, but we will try to avoid that and update every week.Also one important thing is that you can play stolen games with this emulator, so you don’t need to worry if you download games from torrent and similar sites.That is pretty cool feature because not everyone can afford that.Also original xbox games will work on this emulator.

xbox emulator

If you were wondering whether this emulator takes up too much memory and requires branded graphic, the answer is no.The whole program is less than 1 MB and will work on all windows platforms.But to run some games, to gain better fps in games you will need some better cpu and graphics card.We suggest that you have at least these specs:

Intel Pentium III 750 MHz


Video Graphics: 8 MB

We have tested couple games on this pc machine and they run pretty good, but better pc will give you better fps in games.

free xbox emulator

Before you run Xbox emulator please make sure that Cxbx.dll is in the same folder as Cxbx.exe.Please feel free to share this emulator with your friends and tell them about our website.The Free Xbox emulator you can download below.

Note: Emulator is compatible with all Windows and OS-x platforms.